I'd like to why this project Hard Reject?

Can someone explain why is this project Hard Rejected?

I think the rejection was because of lack of animation, design and complexity. Almost no motion, just a couple of camera moves and that´s all. Besides, I don´t really know what is the background where you put the logo.
Search for other Element 3D logos recently approved to see the difference and the quality level needed for an item like this to be approved.
Good Luck!

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Hello, thank you for your explanation, I really highly appreciate that. I noted them for the next project.

You´re welcome :+1:

Another project rejected, I’d like to know what is wrong with this project.

Hi. In this case you are revealing 3 separate disconnected things with totally different looks each one. Besides that, if I were you I would use more close shots, depth of field to accentuate some parts of the animation, play more with lights, work more on textures and bumps maybe, but definitely try to give more unity to the whole design. As I said before, watch other examples of Element 3D projects made recently to check the quality you need to get

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Hello, I liked your explanation. I’ll try. Thank you again.

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You are welcome. Keep trying :+1: