I'd like to sell some of my songs on AudioJungle

Hi friends, my name is Fausto I am a new composer
Could you kindly help me understand which audio standards are accepted by AudioJungle?
Last week I uploaded 5 new songs written by myself. However, unfortunately they were not accepted because they wrote me: This item does not meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted on AudioJungle,
HOW REPLY is VERY VAGUE and it doesn’t help to understand what to correct or change!
I’d like to sell some of my songs on AudioJungle.

someone can help me
Best wishes

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Try to listen to some of the songs that are on sale on the website to get an idea. It’s really hard to just explain it.
And rejections seems to be something really common around here!
At least it makes us improve ourselves everyday

thank you very much for your prompt reply