IcyMobi | Item not working, the code is outdated and requires premium 3rd Party Plugins.

I purchased a item 2 days ago (2019-05-18) . I download the item and browsed it for about 2 hours and found out that the code is broken and documentation isn’t available. It requires multiple 3rd party plugins (premium) to work. I sent the email on the same day (2019-05-18) to the the author and the email turns out to be broken (Not working) I sent the email to Envato via the “Refund Request Form” and got an automated response asking me to wait for the author’s response. The author’s response in the comments are from an year ago. You can have a look at people complaining about support regarding the broken source code but the author doesn’t reply. (https://codecanyon.net/item/icymobi-allinone-ecommerce-app-solution/17387559/comments) Please help me with the refund so I can buy a different item.


Het in touch with Envato customer success they would like to assist you with an official answer.


Thank you very much for you’r response!
I have already gone through the form you shared and I haven’t received any response either from Envato or the author

hey wait for their reply hope they will reply to you soon and solved your issued.

Yeah! It’s been 3 days and I’m still waiting. :wink:

I never expected Envato to be such people who don’t even listen to their custoemrs. They aren’t responding to my tickets nor answering my emails. I’m stuck. Really disappointed.

There is no response from any party. Please respond to the request