Icons rejected? Please review.

Hi Everyone, Please review my icons as they have been rejected. How can I improve my icons.

Sadly, I have to say the icons are too simple, and lack beauty.

Don’t take that as something offensive, I just told you that comparing your item to other people uploading icons on Graphic River. You can search for other people uploading similar items and compare yours with theirs, and you’ll see the difference.

While I can understand what each icon represents, I don’t really see myself using them. Before uploading your item, try to ask yourself “Why would a customer buy my package instead of someone else’s?”. If you can’t ask that question immediately, it may mean your package is not good enough.

Here’s my advice regarding this package:

  1. When creating icons, make sure they are simple enough, but not too simple. In your case, the icons lack everything an “excelent” icon has. There is no color, the margins are too strong, and the combination between purple and black/grey does not match. It looks like you made them with two pens.

  2. Because they are so simplistic they look like something you would put in a manual for a school, instead of a design project, or anything that can be used commercially by a normal customer. You need something more than this to get accepted.

  3. Some of them look very technical, that’s one of the reasons I said they would better be used in a school manual. They look like you did it in order to show other people how each object works.

Go on Graphic River and see how other people create icons, and you’ll get a better idea of what you need to create in order to get accepted.

Good luck!