Icons not showing up (e.g. rating stars, play/pause button)

Chrome user here. Is anyone else having an issue of icons not showing up across all Envato pages? I thought I saw a thread addressing the recent site downtime, but I’m not able to find it, so I’m starting this thread.

Everything seems normal over here (Germany, also on Chrome)…

Yep same here since today’s morning. Google Chrome too.

Same here. Still ongoing. Strangely enough, it’s fine on my laptop (mac) but not functioning on my desktop (windows).

I cleaned my cookies and it helps me but now i must will remember all my passwords. I hate this :smirk_cat:

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Sweet! That worked for me. Yeah, a bummer that I have to log back in to all my accounts, but hey I get to see all the icons now, so that’s neat.