Icon Purpose?

What exactly is the purpose of the icons? I mean can i make an icon set for someone to use and replace his Vista/Mac desktop icons? Or do we focus on icons to be used on web pages and web designs?

I was wondering about that too.

Seeing how system .ico and .icns files are optional, my impression is that they’re for both desktop and web use, depending on what sort of files the pack contains. But, let’s hear what’s the official word about it. :slight_smile:

Yeah!!! I mean : MyComputer Icons < Random Button Icons ?

I think the way the site intends icons to be sold and used as is illustrations, not necessarily icons in the technical sense.

The icon category is intended for use in web pages, designs, et al. Envato’s one-use license still applies when purchasing, of course, but otherwise have at it!

Alright :smiley: Thanks … will start making web ones :smiley:

what if i create emoticons? Are they considered as icons?

I think emoticons is part of the icons design. So it’s considered as icons.

Hmm, I always thought they were intended for web-use… Also, I’m creating new icon set!

Pling! v2 (especially for who liked my first icon set, “Pling!”:http://graphicriver.net/item/pling-admin-icon-pack/30573 )

Also, can I use these illustrations just once? I always thought the license had an unlimited use, well, good to know, because now I wont get intro trouble :smiley:

How about software? I could imagine icons would be used in apps. But I suppose the license would restrict the usage to one application.