Ichiban WordPress Theme - many problems - can't get support

First, I received notice from my hosting company that I was exceeding memory while just experimenting with this site - I have another site with same hosting company for 4 years with another theme. Never in the four years that I had my other site which I developed live, and experimented with for hours on some days, did I get any notice like this.

Doesn’t come up in Microsoft Edge. The featured image loads, but the photos I put in the gallery (which are not big in file size) don’t come up but I just get that spin like something is trying to load but won’t. They need to resolve issues with this browser.

I have been waiting for well over 12 hours for Youxi to confirm my email address after I submitted my purchase code, so I can get this stuff hopefully resolved. I am still waiting for them to confirm my purchase so I can even ask any of these questions!!!

Hey @myu428,

That all seems pretty strange, looking at the theme, it looks like the author @nagaemas is pretty active in providing support to their customers.

I’m tagging them in here in the hopes that they might be able to provide some support :slight_smile:


You should have received the confirmation email, otherwise it would be in your spam box or it didn’t reach your email address. Anyway, I have confirmed your account on the support forums, let’s continue the conversation then.

Thank you

@matthewcoxy Thanks for tagging me on this post :slight_smile:

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Thanks everyone - I have posted the issue to Youxi Theme support.

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