I would start making template kits.

Hello Everyone:

Please help me if start making template kits but the problem may be my template is not a unique design, before last year I was upload other design template kits that were hard rejected because not unique.

I need to check my template if is a unique design, please post it here forum, I want PSD to convert template kits. “Bibila – Fitness Template for Photoshop”

Thank you!

Well it’s already accepted, right? So why do we need to check it?

She wants to make “template kits” from an approved “PSD” as far as I understand. If she used punctuation marks and used an online translator, we could understand what she wants more precisely

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Yes, approved PSD but I need you to check my template PSD if is a unique design because I think that will be hard rejected convert to template kits because not is a unique design.

Hi JeriTeam - Bibila – Fitness Template for Photoshop is original enough for template kits category as long as it is your original design and not copied from a free ui kit or somewhere else, just make sure it meets all other requirements. For example, fonts must be setup through elemetor design system, stock must be from Elements and there are some design issues with that item that we would ask you to solve in a soft rejection.


Thank you :slight_smile: