I would like you to tell me why my work is being reject

At first glance, I would say the colors. Imagine those colors printed in real life. Design wise, they look interesting. But this are just my 2 cents! :slight_smile:

:joy: no offense as he tried to do his best , no doubt about it , but quite frankly … this is very minimalistic and there is nothing really “innovative” in any way …

I said interesting, not superb! :smiley:

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hi @niksongraphicdesigne
well u have a good deal of work ahead to reach the standard in my view …
here are some of my thinkings …

1- global style
this is very minimalistic way and as such , obviously this cannot be really original in a very saturated market as the one we have now … think about it , why would anyone - as long as they can photoshop tools or are re-sellers (so design professionals) when they could redo the thing and save money without using so very much time … what i mean by that is that the global style breeds a decreasing marketability …

2- “inconsistencies”
why creating some shapes in the middle if they are not used in any way? u could have introduced the website inside for instance …

3- global organization of the lay out
this is hard to understand why footers are not the same size in both sides and why u did not keep an organization with shape on top and at the bottom just like in the logo side , since the information side is not aligned and organized well as such … u have a very big footer with nothing inside and a way more dense upper part when u could have had a much more harmonious disposition with reflecting the same disposition as for the logo side

4- emptiness
the logo side is too empty or too simple in my view … definitely too minimalistic

5- color combinations
all color combinations are really good looking … and making your preview better so u should better select careful the best tries rather than accumulating color variations in my opinion

yes but i am afraid that he does not realize in this case that he is far from the standards in a category that is probably on elf the most saturated and one of the toughest too … this is good to motivate , u are completely right but taking into account that putting much more into it is , too :slight_smile:

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