I would like to join a team.

I am new here. I am not expert web developer but I am hard worker and quick learner. My problem is that i am single and don’t have a team. Before my many template get hard reject. So I thought I need a leader or team. I want to work with this team long term.
My recent hard reject template: http://caela.cf


Where are you? I think it’s better if you find a local team/partner.
The design is outdated and need a lot of efforts to change everything.

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Bangladesh, Thank You

People in europe can have problems to find right team in their area… but in India? My experience with India is like this -> professional programmers and web designers.

You have 1.3 billion people there - I think you definately should try to find some people in India.

If I would like to make a team I would search people in India (even if I am not from India).


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