I would like to change my payment method from Payoneer to Pay Pal. Is it possible?

When I chose Payoneer, i was sure it more easy and comfortable payment method. But after some time, when number of my sales stayed low and still is, I realized that it was not profitable for me at all. For all the time I earned only 50$ and I could not withdraw them, because the Payoneer took off the commission for maintaining the account almost 30$ and I also cannot withdraw what is left, because the minimum amount for withdrawal on Payoneer has become 110$. And now if someone will buy some of my 3D model and the money will be automatically transferred to my Payoneer, and if this amount will be less than at least 100$, which is quite likely, I will not be able to get any money again! :face_with_raised_eyebrow: And Payoneer will again remove 25$ per year… a vicious circle comes out. I still haven’t received any money for my work. So I would like to switch my payment method to Pay Pal. Because now I work only at a loss, and others (Envato and Payoneer) are earning on my work, but not me! :pleading_face:

go to your Payout page there click on the ‘Set Account’ button, it will take you payout settings page. Click on PayPal and complete the setup.

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Thank you! It worked! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Is it true that Payoneer is like that? $110 can’t be withdrawn!