I would like export order details from woocommerce and fill it auto to a webform

Hi all! I would like to export 10 orders at a time from woocommerce (firstname,lastname,shipping address,order total, etc.) and automatically fill a form on a webpage where I generate the shipping service for the delivery per order. Now I make it manually with copy & paste but with hundred of order per day it is a little bit slow and boring :confused: Can somebody make a script or any idea about this? Thanks

It all depends from that shipping company is it allows that script put all details on their site.

Here is the site. Its simple and there is no any import option :confused:


I tried it with imacro and almost worked for me but I can not import data from csv and do a batch file for the job.

Did you try to contact that company and ask them what is posibility for automatic upload?
I dont understand nothing on that site. It is all on Hungarian.