I would like a Refund on Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer


Hello everyone.

I received VC as a part of a bundle that I purchased and all was well until recently when things were updated. Apparently my purchasing a bundle did not include the license for me to update, which is weird to me. So I bought a licence because it showed me that Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer needed to be updated and it would not let me use my editor without it. So I paid $20 for this update. Once fighting with everything to get it working, it shows me another that needs to be updated, WPBakery Visual Composer, and this one is $34, to which I’ve just decided to be done entirely with envato as these types of tactics are a huge cause for concern to me. I do not plan on using either and will be uninstalling everything related to visual composer. Where do I go to get a refund?


Because you purchased said plugins as part of your theme, it is the theme authors responsibility to provide you with all relevant updates to bundled plugins. So usually, whenever a theme update is released, it also includes the newest releases of all bundled plugins.

There is absolutely no need to purchase standalone licenses for bundled plugins (and nobody is forcing you to do so), unless you decide that you either want faster access to updates (in order not to have to wait on the theme author), or direct support from the plugin’s author. Otherwise, you simply wait on the theme author to provide you with the update, and as long as your theme is still supported and regularly updated by the theme author, that is usually not a problem at all, but you might have to wait a little longer to receive all required updates.

This has always been standard procedure on Envato and is clearly outlined in the general market regulations that you acknowledged when you created your account. You bought a license for your theme, and NOT for the plugins. The theme author on the other hand, purchased an extended license for those plugins, allowing him/her to include those with the theme, for the sole purpose so that end users like you do NOT have to purchase those plugins.

But everything that comes free in life has limitations, and when it comes to bundled plugins, those limitations are that the relationship between theme author and theme buyer does not extend to the authors of any bundled plugins, and as such, the theme author is your sole point of reference for updates and support regarding bundled plugins. Anything else would be unfair to the authors of said plugins, because the theme author makes recurrent profit with each theme sale, while the plugin author (beyond the one-time revenue from the extended license, which is just 5x the cost of a standard license), does not benefit at all, and therefore does not owe the theme buyer anything (neither direct updates, nor direct support).

If that approach does not work for you as end user, than the only “real” solution is to simply limit your purchases to themes that do NOT include bundled plugins, which are usually cheaper as well. As for refunds, I recommend you read up on the official refund policy here on Envato …


… and file your refund request with Envato …


… although I’m afraid that you don’t have a valid reason to claim a mandatory refund, and can only hope for good will from the author/Envato.


Thank you for responding.

I didn’t want anything “free”. As I mentioned, this came with something that I purchased and all was well until an unclear update came through. I didn’t even know I was without a licence until I tried to update what I’ve been actively using and it told me this. I would not have made this purchase literally hours ago had it not been for any of this.

But I will count this as a loss and a learning lesson. Enjoy the $20 and thank you for the response Tekanewa.


I was just attempting to explain to you how the process is supposed to work with bundled plugins. And while I am an author myself, I’m neither associated with the author of your theme, nor the author of the plugin you are wanting a refund for and can therefore not enjoy the $20 you paid to someone else. :slight_smile: And you did get the plugin for “free”; simply due to the fact that it came bundled with your theme (along with Visual Composer, and potentially other plugins).

And as explained, you don’t need a license for the plugins, because the theme author is supposed to provide you with the updates, so your first step should be to check if a theme update is available, which will hopefully also include updated versions of all bundled plugins. The official theme changelog should tell you if any bundled plugins have recently been updated. If no such theme update is available yet, you should contact the theme author, before you opt to purchase your own licenses.