I wonder about the review period.


I recently became a new writer! Nice to meet you!
I mainly develop After Effects scripts through ExtendScript.

I recently created two new scripts.
Currently awaiting review.

However, the newly waiting script did not respond for more than 14 days.
What is the general review and approval period for add-ons?

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I am ashamed that I have not checked the forum rules in advance.
Removed links and related content. Thank you for the good information.

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‘VH’ Excluding the statistics for the entire review period,
Is there any statistics on the review period of VH’s ‘Add On’?

Hmm. It’s really strange. Cannot understand why ‘Add On’ statistics has been disappeared. Previously, you could find this section

But 14 days is too much for ‘Add On’ :confused:

My last script was approved in 6 days.
And now I’m waiting 18 days for approval.
I don’t know what’s happening.

The “Add-on” section was removed from the average review period stats…
I waited for a review of 17 days …

25 days and still waiting for script to be approved.
Last file in Add Ons category was approved on 25 May and nothing since then.
In each Videohive category there is a bunch of new files every day.
Did they forgot the Add Ons category?