-I will pay someone to help me. I have a Porto theme and I can not get them to respond.

Hi - I have the Porto theme and I just can not get help from these people even though I pay for support and offered to pay more to get the problem fixed. The theme has a batch loader which does not work - I contacted them almost 2 weeks ago. I tracked the issue down to the image files which take about 2-5 min to process 1 photo even though the photos are small 72 dpi. I have spent MY time researching because they can not bother to contact me. The issue MAY be that the theme is creating about 22 versions of each image. Can anyone help with this? I will pay for help. We do 1 auction per year and what should have taken a few hours is taking weeks because I need to manually load each image for a 900+ lot sale.

Please, do contact me for the details. I could take a look at it and help you on this situation.