I will become a father! :)

Hi everyone!

I want to share my happiness with you!! Next year (8 of February) I will become a father :)). It will be a girl :)))
I want to thank Envato because 2 years ago I quit my job and now I working as a freelancer and I will have a lot of time to spend with my wife and my baby :).
Next year I will upload couple of images of our baby :)!
Thank you Envato and thank you to all my friends and colleagues :)).


Congratulations and wish you the best :slight_smile:

Congratulations! Get as much rest as you can before February - you’re in for a busy year :wink:

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Wohoo, congratulations! Wish you the best with your small family soon and a very healthy baby :baby:

Either working as freelance or 5-9 employee, save time for your family.
Eventually, what you are trying to work for is your family and your children :slight_smile:

From a 2 sons father,

Congratz :slight_smile:
Best regards and we wish you all the best!

It’s a indescribable emotion! Congratulations!

About one year ago I had mine. Now he is just about to give the first steps.

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Congrats! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: