I was submitted update my iOS mobile full application 7 days ago but it’s currently pending.

I have submitted UPDATE my iOS mobile full application 7 days ago but it’s currently Queued for Review. it’s too long?

Same case here, pending for 9 days now i guess the guy who review the ios apps is on leave

Best way:
Envato Market Author Help Center: Here


I have the same problem. It’s been 7 days now. It’s really annoying. I need to publish it asap because of API changes. One of my app will stop working on 4th December.

@yeyetiti38 I hope it is not just 1 guy who review mobile apps.

And now is 12 days :frowning:

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the best way? i conctacted them 7 days ago and still no reply

ooh sorry to hear that.
okay keep patience wait for their reply now already weekend is running hope you will get reply soon.
cause lot of people are creating ticket for help.

My item just got approved. I’ve waited 14 days. There is nothing to worry about guys. The review team needs to rest every once in a while too. Be patient and good luck. :smiley:

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As we know new Item submission is increasing day by day. So for a big amount of quee time can take some more. Besides this weekend now. Please wait and hope you will get email for your Item review result on Monday or Later as soon as review will finish.