I was submitted an android mobile full application 9 days ago but it's currently pending why?

i was submitted an android mobile full application 9days ago. but it still pending…! how many time needs to be review?


i was visited envato codecanyon review times. there provided android mobile application review times 8days. but mine submitted time was reached. now what to do?

Well they rarely review at the weekends, so if it’s not been reviewed by the end of Friday, it’s unlikely to get done before the beginning of Monday.


Ya mine also same problem. 10 days already gone :smile: It is Better to do calm. It would be sweet.


I had done resubmit and waited 7 days. I’m sweating if it’s rejected.

finally, i received the approval. Thanks CodeCanyon. https://codecanyon.net/item/paperless-queue-management-system/22486885

I sent a item to Codecany. I wait 4 days. How long is the average waiting time?

You can check here http://quality.market.envato.com/codecanyon