I was submitted a project 13h ago but it currently pending

Hi I’m new in codecanyon. i was submitted an item on codecanyon 13h ago, but it currently under review. how much time need to publish my project? it’s my own project and no copyright issue. if they reject or approved my project can i get noticed?

Approximate time:


Yes, you will get a mail about your item status (approved/rejected) when is reviewed

i was submitted an android app project. how much time need to be review? i don’t understand your link. please inform me.


If you have submitted here https://codecanyon.net/category/mobile/android

That means the “Android” is under the “Mobile” category. So, now check here the “Mobile” category http://quality.market.envato.com/codecanyon and you will see that is approximate 6 days for new items.

thanks… can i submit another project now?

I am not submitting on CodeCanyon, but if the rules are the same as on ThemeForest, you can submit another but not in the same category.

Give a try, and you will see if the system will allow you.

i have another android project on same category. so why i can’t submit new one in same category?

I found this:

And it looks like there are no limits for CC.

For the ThemeForest if you are not a Elite author there is a limitation one item per category. When your item is approved you can submit another. But it looks like there is no limitations for CC. And that are Envato rules - you can’t change them.

thanks for your valuable information. that means i will submit next project while approved my previous project.