I was rejected for texture upload but I am not in therapy yet.

My two photos I uploaded for an texture were rejection for not being up to quality standards. My first question is what do designers want in a texture file (probably should have asked this question before uploading)? I am very far from an expert, at the community college our professor had us watch Von Glitschka’s Lydia’s program about collecting textures out in the real world by photographing them. So I assumed (yes, very dangerous) that designer would want a high res photograph to manipulate. The photos I uploaded were thing I shot last year during school and are basically hi res JPEG. Now I am going reshoot things in Raw. (I am a newbie in the creative field, having worked in the logistics field for 16 years)

Your textures are blurry. No ones needs fuzzy textures.


your textures should be very sharp and big (pixels per pixels - huge). “what textures designers want” - it is hard to answer because if you ask 500 designers about this, you will probably hear 500 different answers.

For me as a designer the best textures are concrete, wood and sand - all kinds. Those textures are not easy to replicate in digital and I like to use them as backgrounds… highly modified, disorted, punched, kicked by me in photoshop ;]

You can check the most popular textures on the market here, or on elements etc. and see for yourself what people need now :slight_smile: good luck .

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thank you for the feedback, so it wasn’t necessary the subject matter, more the quality of the photos. I have gotten in the zoom lens trap, so I am going to shoot texture with prime lens

Thank you for the feed back, I will go back and photograph these textures along with other textures with prime lens, and not the zoom lens I had previously

hi i am not an expert fro such issues but i tend to believe that @DesignSomething had a good diagnostics and that , in addition , there is probably a matter of making the texture seamless so that this is having more commercial potential indeed

Since people will be expected to purchase these, they need to have high commercial value. The best things you can do would be:

  • Make them very high res. At least 2200x2200px if tileable, or at least 5000px if not.
  • Tileable and seamless.
  • Various options for similar textures, for example, different parts of a brick wall.
  • Remove lighting from the textures, there are a few different ways to do this in image editing software such as Photoshop, or if you take the photos with overcast lighting. You basically don’t want any harsh shadows, and minimal gradation, for example in one of your photos it’s lighter on the top corner, and darker on the bottom corner. This is a big deal for 3D artists and people who just want the texture and not the lighting.
  • They need to be tack sharp with lots of detail. Avoid having any part out of focus, so try not to zoom in with your lens. If you want to get a lot of small details as part of a larger texture, you can try taking multiple photos of different parts, then stitch them together.

Images are not of good quality. Please make sure to update them. First update these images and once it’s done please upload it back

Thank you