I was purchased by mistake

Hello Team,
I was purchased by mistake react theme instead of a WordPress Theme. So kindly help me to buy WordPress Theme.

You can open a refund request here: Sign In | Envato Account

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I am sending a refund request as per your suggestion.

Ticket ID: #2609181 #2948003

This is my first purchase from ThemeForest, and also the RedQ team.
I Bought ChawkBazar React theme. I have told them many times that this theme was purchased by Mistakenly. I would be happy to exchange the same theme for the WordPress site. Also, I have told them that I will pay the remaining amount and all charges.

They are still not allowed to hear as Properly. They replied, “Sorry, it’s against our policy.”
They aren’t reading our mail properly, I believe.

I’m very disappointed in this purchase of a theme from ThemeForest.
What can I do if the item is not usable?

I don’t ask for refunds or returns.
They are the only ones I will be buying from, and I don’t want any other author’s theme.

I would like to switch from Chakbazar React to Chakbazar WordPress.
I ask you to please change it again and again.

It is not small for us that 28 dollars is a large amount.
I want Here Positive Response.

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