I was blocked by Theme Forester, just because I asked for the refund, after misleading advertisement of a theme that promised to send the PSDs

I was blocked by Theme Forester, just because I asked for the refund, after misleading advertisement of a theme that promised to send the PSDs, who do not follow the package. I opened PayPal’s complaint, however, gave cause to Theme Forester, claiming that there were no substantial differences between the disclosed and what I acquired. How come no difference if you have no PSD in the package? I await urgent action !!!

It is in the T&Cs that accounts will be locked when disputes are raised until they are resolved to protect everyone involved.

You need to talk to support as no one in the forums can comment on item specific, and support are the only people who can unlock your profile https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

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About the PSD, if you have purchased the HTML template, the author is not responsible to deliver the PSD files - if he promised on a public place, you could’ve used this and request a refund from Envato, not PayPal

If your account was disabled by Envato, firstly you need to contact the support but I’m pretty sure if the money has returned to your PayPal account, they are not going to enable it

How does my complaint not proceed? I bought a template whose ad said they would accompany the screens in PSD and they did not come. I was injured and blocked by Theme Forester and PayPal still closes their eyes to the case. I’m disgusted!

Hey there @altadev, and sorry for your experience. There is reason to be disgusted. In this case, Envato is the marketplace, you pay an author through Envato. When you opened a dispute via PayPal and requested a refund, basically you “cut out” Envato from the process and therefore Envato automatically locked your account. This is a fraud protection, in place for the safety of buyers and authors alike.

If you are unhappy with something you’ve purchased, please contact us before opening a PayPal or credit card dispute. We have a very clear refund process in place, as outlined here: Can I get a refund? Any PayPal or credit card dispute will automatically result in your account being locked as a security precaution and this can take much longer to resolve than contacting us first. Source

Once you do this, Envato will lock your account until the dispute is resolved with PayPal. Whenever you have a refund request you should always use the Envato Refund Request Link and process it through Envato. In case the author rejects it and you still feel you’ve been wronged you can escalate a dispute with Envato and you’re case will be solved.

Now, for the logic behind PayPal it’s quite simple. Everyone could open a refund request and get their money back through PayPal, and basically cheat their way out of paying. By having an in-house refund system PayPal will request you solve it with Envato, therefore, avoiding scams and other potential issues from happening.

I strongly recommend that you cancel your Dispute with PayPal and immediatelly contact Envato Support, and tell them exactly what happened. I’m sure you’ll be refunded if then item is as you described immediately, and be sure you always use then in house refund system.



Enabled has pretty much summed it up, but just curious on a few points…

  1. When you say that the advertising on the theme “promised to send the PSD’s”… that insinuates that you need to contact them to get the files… as authors are not issued with buyers’ email addresses from Envato… so you would need to contact them to arrange how they will send you the PSD’s. I’m assuming you’ve already done that?

  2. If you have done that… is it a case of them saying “we’re not going to send you the PSD’s as advertised” or have they just not got back to you?

  3. If they’ve not got back to you… how long ago did you get in touch with them? Was it a week or two ago, or a day or two ago?

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Thanks for the guidance and attention of friends.
But unfortunately PayPal has given cause for cause to Theme Forester, without analyzing the case in depth. Do I have rights or not to feel cheated?

If I bought PSDs, should PSDs come and not HTMLs, or am I wrong?

A few days before I bought another template and received the package correctly. I had no reason to cheat on Theme Forester.

Have edited your posts slightly as you’re not allowed to call out specific items or authors. Still, I’ve had a look at the item page and yes, you most certainly should have received PSD files. It’s a PSD item that clearly states that it includes 22 PSD files. I’d hope that if you contacted the author they would have been “Oops, my bad. I’ll send them over to you now and update the item to include them. Sorry!”

Still, if the author didn’t reply after a reasonable amount of time… or refused to send you the PSD files, then Envato would have issued you a refund… it’s like buying a video from VideoHive for $8, and it only contains one still image and no video. No need to take matters into your own hands and try to issue yourself a refund via Paypal.

Although… I’m surprised the reviewer would approve a PSD item for sale that doesn’t include any PSD’s.

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It’s incredible that you don’t understand the point. You are the only that did the things in the wrong way.
You can not ask a refund via Paypal, there are the dedicated functions for a refund on Envato.

I can understand you not seen it and you used Paypal, but this is a your error only.

AS other members already explained, it’s your own fault in this situation. You bought a template from Envato, and then opened a dispute against them via PayPal. Why would you do so?

I strongly believe Envato has very clear rules about refunds, which you simply had to follow in order to get your refund. Instead, you chosen to ignore their rules and decided to create your own rules. And you see the final outcome now, so there’s nothing to complain about.

Instead, consider this experience as a good lesson for yourself for future - it may actually protect you from even more costly mistakes…

Dear ThePixor, I am not obligated to know all Envato rules. This is the second time I buy something here and possibly the last. If the advertisement of the item for sale says one thing and the author gives me another, I imagine that as a consumer I have every right to complain and even ask for a refund. Unfortunately as I did not know the possibility of solving everything internally, I opened a dispute for PayPal, but this does not invalidate the occurrence and Envato’s lack of zeal in not filtering this type of misleading product. Like this, there must be many others.

Yes you’re not obligated and also the refund of envato is almost hidden to the users so if you asked a refund via PayPal I can understand for sure, everyone can make a mistake. But after you seen here that has been a your mistake continue to accuse envato is not correct.

I don’t know in which country you live, but I’m 200% sure the #1 rule in your law system says - Ignorantia juris non excusat, which translates into “ignorance of law excuses no one

I’m also sure your purchases list/email also contain links to rules about refunds, etc. Of course, you are in charge - if you decide to take the “benefit” of ignorance, you are welcome to do so! However, you should be prepared that final results might surprise you…

phpmillion, I’ll repeat for the last time. If I buy a theme with PSDs included, why not follow the download package?

  1. Envato Failure to verify the files sent by the authors
  2. Failure of the developer of the theme, which discloses one thing and offers another

In Brazil, according to the consumer protection code, the customer is always right, less about Envato and its network of defenders, which has its own laws.
The refund policy is not as explicit as it should be, so I have not seen the means to have my demand met.

As the others have mentioned above, you need to contact Envato Support. We can’t help you here.

Locking this thread down since there’s nothing else we can do here other than argue.

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