I want to use this jq plugin "Full Page Js" on my HTML theme that I will send to Envato

I want to use this jq plugin “Full Page Js” on my HTML theme that I will send to Envato on site template categories

fullPage is an Open Source application licensed under a GPLv3 license. This license allows you to use fullPage in Open Source projects but it requires your project to be public, provide attribution and be licensed under GPLv3.

I read this on the plugin website but I would like to know if this license is accepted or not by the envato reviewers

Can I use fullPage to build commercial products?

Yes! If you want to use fullPage to develop any project that is not open sourced or that is not compatible with GPLv3 license, like sites, themes, projects, and applications, you should use the Commercial license (Hobby, Professional or Business). With this option, your source code is kept proprietary. Which means, you won’t have to change your whole application source code to an open source license.

Note that if you want to include Fullpage in downloadable or installable products like Wordpress themes, HTML templates, as part of a commercial interface builder, SDK, or toolkit, choose the Commercial OEM license. Commercial OEM licenses are customized for each customer. Contact us if you need this license.

Notice fullpage is released under the GPLv3 license, which allows you to use it for open source projects only.

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