I want to use an AudioJungle track and intro for my YouTube channel. what license do I need?

Hi. I want to use this audio Bass Guitar and Claps Logo by RedOctopus | AudioJungle with this intro Introducción a YouTube por templatesbravo en Envato Elements for my videos in my youtube channel.
What license do I need in both cases? Is it enough with the standard license?
This is my youtube channel: [link removed]

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Normally a standard license for music would be the choice.


Regarding the music, the Music Standard license is good for YouTube.

However, a license is good for one end-product only. In most cases, that’s one video. In order for your intro to be considered as the end product that you can then use in all your videos, the intro would have to be strictly the same every time. No modifications whatsoever, no different texts nor different voice-overs.

By the way @templatesbravo crediting the music is mandatory on Elements as well! You took the time to write in a description, but you chose not to credit the music?! Bravo sir! You are in breach of the terms are thus using the music illegitimately. An Elite veteran author such as yourself should know better!

@RedOctopus would be in their good rights to DMCA your a**.

Please amend ASAP!

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