I want to use an Audio Jungle track for my YouTube channel what license do I need?

I want to use the same Audio Jungle track in conjunction the outro credits with my videos on my Youtube channel. I upload content 2-3times a week. The outro credits will change content with each video. Also my videos are monetized and get around 100K hits per video per year. I am totally confused by the licensing conditions. What license do I need?

Since the track will be performing the same function in each of your videos (outro credits underscoring) on the same YT channel, these uses can probably be considered part of a series.

In that case, you will only need the standard license, which would cover up to 52 episodes published within a year’s time. It sounds like you upload a lot, so once you hit the 52 use limit (or one year passes), you would need to repurchase another standard license to use the track again for any new videos. The videos you’ve already uploaded to YT will continue to be covered by the original license.