I Want To Upload This.


what do you think, https://soundcloud.com/harmonies-4/the-humble-king. I have been working on this for days, finally finished today. but I need your honest opinion.


I think it will be hard rejected unfortunately. Too many mistakes. Samples, harmonies, mix, mastering. I think you should start with a more simple track and study, study and study again … It’s a long but interesting road !


Yes, agree with @Grivanov, too simple sounds and not naturalistic, but you can try … maybe we’re wrong …


Maybe I shouldn’t bother uploading it all :smile: thanks anyway for your opinion, I needed to know cause I listened to it too much through the entire production, couldn’t tell what was wrong.


Just a few thoughts while listening. Figured it would be helpful to give you an idea of areas you can look at:

1.) First off, the hip hop part could be interesting, but it makes it pretty hard to license. People are looking for something pretty “cliche” when they’re looking to license a piece, so something “experimental” won’t do as well. Additionally, the hip hop drum samples you have don’t sound too great in my opinion.

2.) Too many notes. Cut out half of the notes with your strings at least, maybe more. Having too many notes played at once makes it sound really muddy and doesn’t allow anything to really be heard clearly.

3.) For something cinematic, people are probably (key word, probably) looking for something that’s either an underscore piece or a trailer piece. Inspirational branches off of this pretty closely as well. This piece has elements of both, again making it hard to license.

4.) The choir sounds pretty good towards the end, so look towards that as a strength that you can work off of.

5.) The headphones I listened to this on were pretty crap, so I can’t comment much on the mix, but it sounded like you had a lot of instruments competing towards the end. Check to make sure that you’re working with the frequencies of each instrument so they can each be heard.

6.) Try to give songs a “definite” ending if you’re looking to license them. The triangle/xylophone that was playing towards the end really had no purpose - I’d take it out.

Overall, it’s on its way, but it probably needs a bit of work before you can look to license it. I suspect it wouldn’t get approved for use, but who knows sometimes.

Good luck!