I want to transfer my Purchase Item from my developer account to my Account

I have Purchase 2 Item from my developers account. Right now I want to transfer my Purchased Item into my Account. Please I want a quick solution for this issues.
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You can’t transfer items between accounts.

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What can I do now? Please give me great solution :blush:

Unfortunately the only solution is that if you must have them in your other account then you will need to buy a new license / copy of those files.

charlie4282 Suppose you purchase a theme for me from your account and now i want you to give me fully access of this theme In my account. In this situation how you will help me? :slight_smile:

You can’t and this is exactly why clients should buy their own items.

If for example, I was building your website:

  • if I purchased the theme then once it was ready I could transfer the license to you so that you can continue using the theme on your site.
  • you would never have access to future downloads or updates as these will only ever be available via the purchasing account.