I want to start my design and content starting from the live preview example

Hello team
I have successfully installed the theme ‘Dunamis Modern Church’ in Wordpress.
I want it to look for about 90% like the live demo version, simply change text and photos used, but keep a lot of the animation and tabs. How can I do that?
What I now have is an ‘empty’ version,
Could I upload the full content from the Live demo and then adapt it ti fit my story (microfinancing for the very poorest in Africa and Asia).
http://www.microfinancesolidaire.org/ is where the site is now.

thanks for your support



try looking at the theme if their is a .xml included for demo contents… and then import it into your WordPress… or try reading the theme documentation…



I did read the documentation,
and succeeded to install the different pages and blog posts used in the live demo,
but the home page is not looking the same and the animation of the slider is missing.

This is what I see

This is what I should see

So, what should I do?


Ok I have moved forward, I’ll try on my own.