I want to start a local business website - A film equipment rental directory paid listing service


I am Satya. I am looking for somebody to build me a very good looking ‘Film Equipment Rental Directory’ where the users with equipment can add their listing for a paid fee.

  • Minimalist Design
  • Decent catalog of equipment display from each user

My budget for this project is 65$ - 85$ and I will want it in wordpress.

Thank You.
Hope somebody would help me to launch my business.

Hey Satya.

This forum is for Themeforest Authors. Try Envato Studio if you are looking for a freelancer to build you a site.

With respect a site like that would be several thousand dollars (if not more).

$65 -$85 is barely an hourly rate for most decent delevelopers.

You will have more luck looking for a template theme and trying to modify that.

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