I Want to Sell My WordPress Blog Theme on ThemeForest.

Hello, I have a well-known theme in the Turkish WordPress blog sector that I want to sell on ThemeForest.

Theme: https://orunotema.com.tr/

I am planning to sell this theme abroad and I see ThemeForest as the best option. However, I don’t know how to do it. What steps should I follow and will my theme be accepted?

Note: Currently, the theme is available only in Turkish. I will set it up and upload it in English language.

With respect I doubt this would be approved here - there are already so many similar themes available.

I get you have the affiliate feature which is more unique but not sure this is enough without modernising the design etc

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My main goal with the theme is to keep it simple and affordable. I also plan to sell it on Envato for a price of around $19.

Thank you for your support.

There’s a fixed commission fee for themes as 12$, you’d be making ~1$ for each copy.

Hi mehmetburakorun

I agree with ki-themes.

I’ve got another suggestion that might be more interesting for you.

Why not monetise it and sell it as a website?