I want to return the product I bought

the theme I have received is not working and I would like to return. The site of the theme responsible is not working.
There are missing files in the theme installation. No plugins.

Do you mean ‘missing stylesheet’?

It is highly unlikely that plugins are not included - what makes you think theyare not included?

What was the file you bought?

You can request a refund but if the above is not the case then there is no guarantee that it would be improved

I bought the theme today. I cannot install required plugins.

What is the name of the theme?

Wow - Furniture Marketplace Theme

Reach out to the author https://themeforest.net/item/wow-furniture-marketplace-theme/19705669/support

Although we can’t translate the error it looks like there is an issue with their site.

They would need to approve a refund if you apply for that also



Thanks @charlie4282 for giving you very helpful reply.
please contact the Wow theme support and let them know the issues you can provide screenshots.
In theme details page there you will find their Support Channels email. Please contact support and they will be very happy to fix this plugins issues. Plugin installation from external link has no issue but if plugin can’t install from external link then it is problem.

One thing please check documentation may be you can get some support how to install plugins in documentation.


Add-ons are loading from their site. and their sites are not working. Does not connect to the server. . I’ve tried to delete it many times, but the result fails.

I understand please contact support they will be very happy to Assist you. Also please check documentation.

wordpress.bingotheme.com and http://bingotheme.com/ The sites address does not work.

I understand please check documentaion may be you have to register/active theme using purchase code before installig plugins. have you checked documentation? If you can’t find proper help from documentation then I would like to recommend contact theme support. theme Author will be very happy to support you and fix the issues. Thanks

Yes, I checked the files I downloaded. and there are no necessary add-ons. There’s also another theme called Woody. I did not understand. There are two different theme files. Both are independent of each other.

Thanks for checking. please contact the Theme Author. Thank You so much

Any luck getting a hold of bingotheme developers? I am stuck with the Binimal theme which is buggy and needs updating. Google are penalising speed rankings because of it. Its a mess