I want to remove my Credit card information from Envato Site

I recently wanted to experience the envato element free subscription trial. I distinctly remember after using for 2 days I requested for a cancelation against which I got a prompt for optional survey. I can’t recall if I’ve completed that however the subscription should’ve been canceled.

Unfortunately, that is not the case. I feel that I’ve been cheated as You Envato forcefully charged me for 2 months without proper reason. I checked pricing it offers 1 month subscription for 16.5 USD but it charged me 33 USD for no reason. This is truly disappointing and fraudulent activity. I highly despise this behavior as I was also given a offer to get 50% off for first month I choose not to avail that and proceeded for cancelation still the service was kept activated…

I don’t feel safe storing my credit card data with an unreliable site like this. please let me know what can I do to remove my credit card detail from this site.

$33 is the per monthly cost - $16.50 is only an equivalent cost per month if you sign up for the year. It is not possible to sign up without choosing one of these options where the price is outlined.

Your best option would be to talk to Elements support who would be best placed to help you Envato Elements Help and Support