I want to purchase a theme, that I can sell cyber security subscriptions.

I need to someone to create something similar to this for me

Do you mean the subscription journey or the actual tool to provide the security itself?

You can see this themeforest theme. If need any assist please reply.

The subscription journey. I’ve tried setting up variable products in Woocommerce but it’s not quite the same

Acronis is develop with laravel and Drupal not woocommerce.

Thank you for the theme suggestion but it’s more about setting up a product that has variable options.
Eg 6 workstation options eg workstation, virtual, server etc. Each workstation has a product - backup, advance etc. Not all products are available for each workstation eg the workstation has 4 products available whereas the virtual might only have 1 product available.

So a customer has 10 x workstations so they chose backup for all worstations they also have 1 x server so they want backup for that 2 etc

Thanks terrestial so a similar thing can’t be set up using woocommerce? Basically, I need to set up a site to sell subscriptions etc like Microsoft office, backup solutions etc and I’ve only really used wordpress with themes I have bought form theme forest

Have you looked on CodeCanyon at scripts or plugins like SUMO Subscriptions - WooCommerce Subscription System by FantasticPlugins