I want to make my WordPress template

Hi to all:

I not want upload my item psd and html because if I make wordpress, I will upload item wordpress than will hard rejected problem already other categories have.

my design:

what you think I will start make wordpress now? are you agree it? please help me thanks.

It is not ready for the WP category. The design is too outdated and basic. It will not be approved. Sorry

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Many thanks, which idea for make wordpress special?

Do I can make special blog or photography for wordpress?

You can create a theme for any of the current niches/categories, but the design should be unique and modern.

Any outdated design will be rejected within hours by the reviewers.

Many thanks.

Do I can see for example other design wordpress for give ideas? no same other categories wordpress.

I try make design psd because I can give some ideas later I will upload there forums.

You can get inspiration from any other items, as long as you do not copy their items. You can also get inspiration from AWWWARDS and Behance.

Good Luck!

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many thanks, regards.

Good Luck with your item! :sunglasses:

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By the way, I just checked your portfolio, all your items seems to be broken at first. Then on 2nd try the live demo links are working correctly.:

erikaivo.net’s server IP address could not be found.

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I will remove it item because not good design thanks.