I want to know ?

**SimpIy, i want to know why i’m rejected. Because of mastering standarts? or composition? or selection of instrument? **
This explanation below is TOO FAR to make me improved about selling music.Especially, 20 days after submitting, it is so disappointing…

After completing our review, we’ve determined that ‘Baby Party’ isn’t at
the quality standard needed to continue forward with the review process
on AudioJungle. As the submission is too far off the standards we
require, you’ll be unable to re-submit on this occasion.

The production level is too amateurish for me. I mean sound selection and design is very cheap, composition is too primitive and boring. Overall production is too weak. Its like you record some melody, put some random bass sound and drum loop over it and thats all. I’m sure you’ve put a lot of work into it but for me it sounds like this.

Improve your primary production skills by composing more music on a daily basis. Good luck!

Yes, yes, and yes. Like Enrize said above, this track is way below AJ standard in every respect. Just start over by listening to some music that sells here, chose your genre, get the right tools (sounds) and work on your skills. Good luck!

Sounds to much 80’s i think.

Listen to some modern EDM for ex, to update your electronic sound park. :slight_smile:

Thank you for all your opinions. This music can’t meet AJ standarts as you said. Also i am an author who has a sale in here. But i want to know the bad part of my study in reviewer’s email, that is the matter which i try to point out.

SoloTuneMedia, dont forget that these messages are template based, so dont start jumping on every word. It didnt make it - thats the overall idea, life continues :slight_smile:

Take care

Thank you, i know that but it has to change. Because after 20 days, a template based reply doesn’t make good feelings.


You should look for better vst :wink: