I want to know why the item I uploaded was rejected

I received a rejection email for the admin dashboard item I uploaded.

There are two reasons for my rejection.
But there may be more reasons than the two below.

I want to know what to do to satisfy the quality required by envato.

I think it would be very helpful if someone with more experience than me could answer this.

  1. More design images and thumbnails should be provided in PSD files

  2. The screen for registering the item should use HTML Description, tag, comments, etc. in more detail.
    (I uploaded the upload screen where I registered the item. If it is necessary to supplement the description of the item, how can I supplement it?)

Hi @themetree11

Graphicriver not upload item PSD admin deshboard but you need upload psd admin dashboard in THEMEFOREST


hi , if i understand well u had a soft rejection only, as u are asked to fix some things … normally hard rejection messages tell u that u cannot resubmit and u get no reason for the rejection indeed. If so, all u have to do is to justify things that u are told and re-submit …