I want to know how I'm wrong place

"Hi dinh son tung,

Thank you for your submission. We really appreciate that you chose ThemeForest to sell your work.

Unfortunately, after reviewing your item ‘Nano template’ we found that it’s too far off the standards we require, so you’ll be unable to submit it again.

But we do want to help you meet our submission requirements with your next item! Check to see if the reviewer has left any feedback here, be sure to take advantage of Envato Tuts+ tutorials, ask for feedback from your helpful community, and check out our support article.

We’d love for you to continue honing your craft, and see what you can come up with next time. :slight_smile:

Good Luck!
Envato Market Team

1.) Start here http://tutsplus.com
2.) Spend at least few thousand hours working on your skills
3.) Try to submit something on TF again

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thanks for you very much