I want to know 2 things, can enybody help me ? Featured / Ratings

Hello again guys, recently i bring an email that i bring 5 stars rating because item quality, just my first rating, i was so happy, i go to my profile to respective item and nothing, nowhere, all i search i didn’t found my rating ? What is happening ?

  1. I found in settings “Featured Item” and i can put one of my item to Featured but what is going ?

If you are good to help me ! Thanks you very much :smiley: Love you all, sorry for my english !


Rating on an item appears after the third rating. If you have less than 3 ratings on an item, only you can see it. You can see it on the “Reviews” tab of your dashboard.

When you select a feature item in settings, the item will appear on your profile page.

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

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This was all i want !! Thanks you very very much !!!

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