I want to get feedback on whether this would be a good idea

we just finished a client job where we automated several items for a client that does podcasts (wordpress).

we’ve retained the rights to the code and I’m wondering what people think about possibly selling this as a WordPress theme.

It’s fully automated. once it’s set up there is no intervention needed. It will sync with libsyn, youtube, vimeo and other sites.

What it does is import episodes, creating posts for each. we’ve created pseudo ‘channels’ (not really sure what to call them, I’m used to ExpressionEngine but WP only has one channel). each post can be sorted into tags and displayed on separate ‘show’ pages.

Listing pages can play the audio or video directly on the list, or through a custom ‘episode’ page.

Show pages have a master ‘show’ logo at the top which is dynamic and pulls from Vimeo’s banner, Libsyn show title pic etc.

each post has a featured image which again is pulled dynamically. No images need to be stored on the server at all, unless desired.

the whole point is if you post podcasts or videos it will run the site autonomously. It’s not a pull, it’s sync, so every 2 minutes any changes at Libsyn, vimeo etc are updated.

It took a lot of work to put this together, but I don’t know if there would be any public interest. It concerns me that when filtering I can only see a handful of ‘podcast’ WordPress themes so i’m not sure this is even worth the effort.

You guys know the ropes here. I was shocked at how many hours it took us just to write the basic structure for a WordPress theme, but it’s done now and I commend you theme makers for your work building one. We’ve been almost exclusively an ExpressionEngine dev house, but due to sudden drop in interest (long story) our workload dried up virtually overnight, so we’re diving into WordPress, only 15 years late.

After looking through some of the themes I used over the years, it looks like these themes are built out of a system that is modular and plugs whatever needs to be done for each theme. I honestly think it must take 1000 hours to write a base from scratch the first time. It’s so much more monumentally time consuming that i would have thought, but whatever, it’s done.

Anyway, you guys would know, I just don’t know if it’s even worth packaging and supporting. if it would sell I would build out some UI UX themes and put it out.