I want to find a suitable plugin for my website

I am looking for a wordpress plugin or solution that when a customer buys one of my plans or products, there would be a daily profit for the customer and a counter to show it to customer, so whenever he wants to withdraw the currency, he can have his funds plus his profit.

You won’t be able to find a “out-of-box” solution but you will need a custom work. To achieve this, you will need to invest some serious money as this sounds like “brokered market”

Where and how can I do that ?

You can try www.studio.envato.com but realistically you are looking at thousands of $ done right

Plus if you plan to be storing/earning/transferring money between you and customers then (assuming you don’t need to be regulated also) you are going to need to have suitable hosting and security which is not going to be cheap.

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Thanks for your reply.
All transactions in my website will be happening by Dogecoin API trough QR codes, does that still need that much money and security ?

I am not familiar with that API but (again assuming that you don’t need to be regulated which opens up all sorts of other requirements and considerations) and site related to financial transactions needs to be properly secured and hosted - the implications of what would happen if something went wrong would be potentially huge without it.


That’s right. Thanks for your time. Your help is much appreciated.

FYI if you are working with that API then don’t you need something which is specifically compatible with that feed so that it integrates with the data and currency from there?

That should greatly define and limit your options short of building something to requirements

You’re right now that I think of it. Best solution which you mentioned is to request something which covers all my needs and fully compatible with each other from a developer on http://www.studio.envato.com/.