i want to customize my add new product page / looking for a plug in that works with seperate column catagories

Right now i have a wordpress woocommerce website (multivendor marketplace) and my plug-in is Dokan.
My add new product page does not work and look like how i want it to be.
I need four seperate categories (gender, item category, size and designers).
Right now i am looking for a plug-in with a minimalistic look or/and a easy to understand usage.
Also with the catagory system that i am looking for (four seperate columns).
Does anyone know a plug in that works like that or if it is possible to costumize any plug in with codeing so it would get another look and have four catagories.


I’m also interested in this topic, did you find a solution ?

Thanks a lot

I might be some kind of help.

Hello @luckygraphic, do you know how to do this ? Add custom fields for vendors to fill them in Dokan’s add a product page ?