I want to buy bisem. Could you bill me

I want to buy Betheme. Could you bill me?

Я хочу купить Betheme. Могли бы вы выставить мне счёт?

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Hi @Flashqq,

How do I purchase an item?



Thanks for the information. But I have not received an answer to my question. I need to be billed. For me to hand it over to the accountant.

when you will purchase you will receive invoice in your email. for more info please open Help ticket and let them know. Envato Customer support team will be happy to assist you.


I will receive a check after paying by credit card. I need to initially receive an invoice from you so that I can pay it on behalf of the company.

Has no one bought your services on behalf of the organization before?

That’s not a process that is supported here (it in most stock marketplaces)

thank you