I want to buy a forum template


Hi I want to buy a template forum and I have a lot of questions :slight_smile:
-Is there any customizable template ? for example can I remove the header and code another one by mySelf ?
-How can I use this template ?
-If people register on my forum how can I get his information ? (email, username, age…)
-what is the best forum template on themeforest please ?

thanks to you !



You can try our theme with bbPress forum https://themeforest.net/item/helpdesk-wordpress-support-center-theme/17045854

It stunning design and optimize for forum.


Hi I do not understand how your theme work ?
How I can use him with wordpress ?


You can see how is our forum work at http://support.janstudio.net/forums/forum/themes-support/
Our theme have sample data, after you install theme and recommend plugin, you import sample data to see how it work.


I already have a Website it is : https://www.mereos.education/ (wordpress)
and you can see in the header a categorie “forum”.
How i can use your template by linking it with the button “forum” ?
So i want to redirect the “forum” button to your template.