i want to buy a customize theme

I would like to purchase a theme but I need one that meets the following requirements:

(I will pay additional fees for restrictions based on the number of items)

  • php 8.0

  • responsive

  • When I click on the “Shopping” page,
    I would like to display categories instead of products and be able to display products or categories as per customer desire in addition to the usual options for searching and sorting

  • Support wpml plugin and rtl languages

Make the price depend on other attributes
I mean, instead of explicitly providing the price, I want to make it equal to Item Weight * 100 + 200 * Attribute 2 + 300 * Attribute 3

  • Do not include “shopping cart”, “add to cart” or “product review” … etc.
    Which means deleting all items related to selling products because I want to create a site (catalog) and enable subscriptions and paid membership accounts.
    So I will not sell products

  • I want to create the site only to enable the customer to know the price of the products if he pays for a subscription.

I mean :
If he a guest then he can only browse 7 products then they should be directed to page to purchase membership
If he pays 10, he can browse 5,000 items (Silver) If he pays 20, he can browse any number of products (Gold) .

I think that means a restriction based on the number of items
Note that we are talking about any 5,000 items which means there are no pre-defined items per package or per customer,
So I think we have to hide the price outside the product
and enable it only when he clicks on the item
then we will add the counter by one until it reaches the maximum numer of allowed items
then he will be directed to renew or upgrade the package

You can ignore the way I thought, I’m just trying to explain the idea

You have the freedom to think about how to achieve this
You can use the plugins for subscription and membership and then add some custom code
Or simply using your own code
Did not matter

-If I buy a theme, is there a tool to install it directly ??
If not, is there any video explaining how to install it ??
If not, if i somehow installed it, would it be like a live demo (All its pages and its contents) and I just need to replace it with my contents

In short, after installing the theme, will I have a fully functional site with demo content, all I have to do is replace categories and products through the Dash Board without any dealing with databases or code and everything will work correctly exactly as expected ??

All i have to do is just replace the images and text ??

thanks in advance