I want to be better!! Help me with a rejected track!

I am new to this service. I created a small track, and I was wondering at what level my skills are. As a result, they showed that my skills are should better.
You are professionals and your opinion is important to me! :pray:
Tell me in which direction to move? :pray:
To be at this club :blush:

Thank you all in advance!

Hello! This sounds like a sketch (blank) for now. There is almost no development. Listen to the development of the tracks in this genre. And start writing. Particular attention is paid to sounds and parts that are used by other authors. Good luck!

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Thank so much! I am very pleased with your answer and will follow your recommendations, but I do not understand this advice a bit:

“Particular attention is paid to sounds and parts that are used by other authors.”

Can you describe it in more detail?

Yes of course.
Sounds - meaning modern sound libraries and VSTi used in this musical genre by other authors. This specifically refers to the presets used and how to process them.
Parts - are to the sequence of notes, phrases, intervals, and everything connected with it. Listen to how other authors fill and arrange their tracks, which libraries, sounds and processing use for this.
Here is a brief summary of what I meant. I hope that I have clearly stated the essence


I understand. :blush:
It’s more than enough! You wrote everything clearly and to the point! :100: :+1:
Thanks so much and take care of yourself! :pray: :pray:

Hi Gromo,

Definitely a good beginning you’ve got there! Romantic City already pointed out the most important stuff.

Just wanted to add that you can find a lot of great (free) tutorials and courses online. Also a lot of helpful videos on YouTube about creating this style music

Good luck!

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Hello! Yes, you’re right! :+1: There is a lot of information online, it is important to find professionals who know what they are saying… :roll_eyes:
But of course, your advice is interesting. :100:
I already have some ideas!
Thank you for your interest in this topic! :blush::pray: