I want talk to community

Dear moderator please stop this.

If I want talk to envato community on envato then why you guys remove my post from forum.

I want learn things before i started selling items on envato. Is there something weird that i know but envato hiding from all author.

Let me talk to community, why you make forum?
I am here to clear everything before sell on envato.

#If you are seeing this line please let me talk else I can make a YouTube video with my 21.3M subscribers. I can explain how envato works and sucks, one video damn down envato market. ( you can edit this line and approve)

You’ve got no deleted comments - what is it you think is being restricted?

One immediate recommendation before you start trying to sell here - change your profile name. That will not help your cause.

Edit: I can see you had a thread related to piracy that was hidden - that is simply due to envato’s ToS as the moderator linked to.