i want script ICO

hello guys i want script ICO :
1 _ install in my script

2 _ minimum and maximum purchase tokens per person per round

3_ i want ether and BTC as payment gateway when buyer click on buy now then ethereum or BTC address show for payment .
I want a strong script and security i dont want backdoor or lending program or staking
my budget $200

You will never find a similar solution for $200, it will cost thousands of dollars.
I also advice you to search on other places for these type of works, you need an high level blockchain knowledge team to create this

Thousands of dollars this price from the beginning, but now the turnout is very weak, so the price is very cheap

Hi Dude. Just put your crypto wallet address and link to it.

Best wishes, regards or similar etc.

i dont understand you have script ICO or not ?

Hello @investors18

You can find on codecanyon some ico scripts, some of them might have some features you need:

Also, for a custom ico script, you can find and hire talented developers on Envato Studio here:

All the best!

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