i want my money back

scamers !

why you make this banner on all of your markets and said its all in one .
since this plan limited to envato you must keep the banner on envato not all your markets
you make its to scam people.
i get scamed but i will share this review on all the appropriate websites trustpilot…

The banner is for Envato Elements as it clearly states. While Elements has some of the same content as Envato Market, it is a different site.


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Since it a different site why its shown top on other markets as a big deal , at less you have set AD icon on the banner since its for different site , this is not marketing its scam but i do my job and share this situation have a good day

What @KingDog failed to tell you is that you can indeed get your money back if you haven’t downloaded anything. Contact support they should work something out for you.