I want feed back before submitted


hi , sorry to say just that but i am 100% sure that it will be binned indeed … i assume that u tried to do your best but , do not take it personally pls, this is far from standards of such a demanding time with definitely saturated markets in all categories when more and more good creations are rejected too …

here are my observations

1- originality versus functionality
indeed, what u have done is made of some original attempts, the problem is that these are not working as the positioning of the text definitely is not an efficient one. Try to figure this out, people when they have the card in hand would have to turn the card around so that they can read the information, when information is the very reason for the card in the first place

2- readability
as mentioned above u have some issues regarding the orientation of the text but this is also increased due to a texts looking like blocks

3- hierarchy
this is resulting from point 2 , as all texts are having no variations, no font combinations and close to no originality at all , all your texts look like blocks and hard to understand what is part of main information and secondary , among other things

4- typo
lacking originality, variations and font combinations and thus being very far away from what is expected here to reach GR standards. pls keep in mind that here the typo is probably the main issue of all …

5- organization
the texts and elements go in all directions and this brings eyes to get lost and failing to identify the important parts of the item

6- emptiness
the website is so very empty that u can legitimately wander if this is worth the drive having a two-sided card indeed. The minimum requirement is to add a logo and that wold be welcome that u introduce some graphic design, too

7- icons
they are too flat for them to bring graphic design to the table and not springing out enough so that they make sense

8- global style
this is globally too simple and needs u to push the envelope, plus this is too dark if u ask me. This is also hard to figure out what the card is made for , i mean which activity or whatever

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