I want choose other demo

Hello everyone.
I want ask my trouble.
I bought IBid wordpress theme yesterday. but dump file
so I want choose theme other demo.
but I have to pay again for this theme?
Would u help me now?

No, you don’t need to pay again for the same site (domain).
If you are planning to use the theme for a new/another domain then have to purchase a new license for the new one.


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Kind Support team
Thanks, I mean. I tested it in my local and then try to deploy theme in sever.
when I try to use it in my local, this demo is no that I want.
so I want choose other demo in same theme.
How I can switch other demo in same theme??

Just import the new/other demo and use those demo content in page/menu and homepage settings. to get more specific support please contact the author of your purchased theme, the theme author will assist you.

How to contact an author to get support or for any technical query:


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Thanks. I bought theme, but it don’t working and and present demo in same theme is no good.
and when import theme, there is not other demo option.
so I want switch other demo now from Evanto Support team. I already 75usd for this theme demo.

It’s author responsibility to help customer. So, hope you will get proper help from the theme author. Thanks

where I can see theme author. I can not see him,

Click the link (How to contact an author) above I provide.